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Ben Spark Family Adventures

Yo Ring takes a bit of coordination to be able to catch on your finger but it is the trying that is the most fun. You can also easily toss it around and catch it in your hands any way you want. I think it’s so cool that Yo Ring is invented by a teen who turned his made-up game into a real product and a family business.

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Instagram @ColettePlaytime 

Colette Playtime

Looking for something new? Here's Yo Ring for you! We love this cool toy and Colette even made up her own ways to play with it!


Instagram @Ebony.Starr_


Having a large family they will always make up games to play!! This toy called Yo Ring, you toss the ring but the catch is, you have to catch it on your finger and because my kids are so competitive they played until someone was able to catch
it on their finger!


Mommies with Cents

It only took a minute or two to realize that this simple toy called Yo Ring is challenging and fun! I played with my three kids. I was the first one to “ring it up”, catching it on my pointer finger. My son quickly figured out that it’s all
about the toss and once I was able to get down a good toss, the kids were all able to ring it up too! It takes practice but it’s really fun!

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Yesenia Homolka

We received our Yo Ring toy yesterday and Kiri has been having a blast with them! She loves how they bounce, spin, and they’re a super fun toy for any age!


Bella Rose

Bella Rose

OMG! This toy is too much fun! Of course, Bella continued to ask to play with her Yo Ring.


Instagram @DaynaGirlWorld1


We’re having fun this holiday season with Yo Ring. It’s a great toy the whole family can play with and it makes us laugh a lot.


Instagram @ashleyandmegan__

Ashley & Megan

Have you heard of Yo Rings? This is such a fun idea! There are so many games you can create with these bouncy rings and we've been trying to catch them on our fingers. We also love that Yo Rings are small enough that it’s easy to take
anywhere to play with.

Screen Shot 2021-02-19 at 5.16.50 PM.png



Yo Ring is so cool! They are so durable, yet soft to catch for my baby sisters and I. We love experimenting with different games using Yo Ring.

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Fly Ry Adventures

Fly Ry Adventures

Yo Ring is perfect for family time or hanging out with your buds. So simple yet it has so many benefits. Take a little break wherever you are and have fun with Yo Ring which remind me of old fashion fun—an innovative toy.

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Toys and Tacos

Toys and Tacos

Yo Rings are a great boredom buster. Yo Ring is perfect for my teenage son and his friends to try. 

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Real Life Reviews

Amy & Aron's

Yo Ring is the perfect pocket-sized companion and such bright designs! This makes chasing and keeping an eye on Yo Ring while it's rolling, bouncing, and in-flight, so much easier.


Instagram @lele_meerah_

Lele Meerah

There's no doubt that our Yo Ring are fun to have around as my sister and love goofing around with them. They definitely put a smile on our faces.

Screen Shot 2021-02-19 at 5.18.02 PM.png

Kaydence Brooks

Kaydence Brooks

This cool little toy is a fun activity for you and some friends! Toss it back and forth to see if you can land it!

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Yo Ring is a super cool toy that has unlimited fun written all over it.

Screen Shot 2021-02-19 at 5.18.46 PM.png

Fancy Daisy Bee


With Yo RIng, we love to play hot potato, jump, run, and play together. It’s perfect for us to play all of those games and more!


Instagram @GraceJaxon_fashion


Yo Ring is a super cool toy that has unlimited fun written all over it.


Instagram @talentedbabyrose


thank you for these cool rings!!! They are so durable, yet soft to catch for my baby sisters and I. We are experimenting with different games.


Instagram @kaydence_kronicles


Santa's Little Reindeer has a cute little Stocking Stuffer to show you guys! This cool little toy is a fun activity for you and some friends! Toss it back and forth to see if you can land it! 🚨 We suggest playing with the Yo Ring outdoors. You don't want to break anything indoors‼


Instagram @owenaroundtheworld

Owen Around the World

Owen & Mommy are currently learning to master the art of the Yo Ring!! Dont worry we're getting there with lots of practice...we will be pros in no time! Thank you @yoringitup & our friends for gifting us these cool silicone disks!!  💙Invented by high schoolers‼️  💙Help with hand & eye coordination 💙Fun for the whole family  💙The perfect stocking stuffers  💙Easy to create your own games with  💙releases stress  💙encourage concentration Owen went all in trying to toss them all at once!! 


Instagram @kaixtine


Have you heard of the fun new game Yo Ring? I have had so much fun playing with my friends, family and by myself. 


Instagram @abigalemcheers


It’s time to #YoRingItUp  I’m having so much fun with my @yoringitup game!!! Swipe to see my video of me in action!!! 
@yoringitup was designed by a high school student who wanted something fun and interesting to do. @yoringitup was designed to be played anywhere and great for kids and adults! My whole family enjoys @yoringitup and even mom loves playing too ❤️. We are all trying to see who can do the coolest tricks first 😂.  

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