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About Us

The Yo Ring was invented by a high schooler’s need to find something interesting and fun to do.


One night when Brody, the creator of the Yo Ring, had nothing to do with his friends, he began tossing a metal ring around. The group began tossing the ring on each other’s fingers in a circle. The challenge of catching the ring on their fingers became a new exciting game, one they hadn’t played before. This game allowed for each player to strategize and challenge the other opponents, while also enjoying good times with friends. This group of friends, known as The Captains, were noticed by other bored high schoolers for the game they played with the metal ring. It spread from The Captains’ small circle to the halls of the school. Soon kids were yelling, “Yo Ring it up!”


From hallways to staircases, basketball courts to football fields, bleachers and even mosh pits, The Yo Ring became a game that can be taken anywhere and could be tossed to anyone, at all ages.  Brody realized that this was something that everyone needed and took it from one ring to many through production. Making sure the ring was durable and would withstand everyday tossing was a top priority for Brody. The key to success is using the correct materials and product size to ensure everyone can “Yo Ring it up!”



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