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Games & Tricks

Play the games and become a master at

the Yo Ring tricks!


Consecutive Catch Game

How many catches in a row? 

Play solo, in pairs or with a group

1 point per catch

Circle Game

Create a circle and toss to a player. If they complete the catch (Ring It Up) they stay in the game. If they fail they are out until the following game. 

Play as a group

Timed Trick Shots Game

How many tricks can you complete in a set amount of time?

Play solo, in pairs or with a group

1 point for beginner tricks

3 points for intermediate tricks

10 points for advanced tricks

Distance Throw Game

How far can you throw and successfully catch the Yo Ring? 

Play solo

Current record is 61 yards with a sidearm throw!


1. The Bounce

With palm up, hold Yo Ring between thumb and index finger, make a muscle and extend arm down, forcing the Yo Ring to roll off your finger and bounce on the ground. As the Yo Ring bounces up, extend your index finger through the hole to complete the catch.

See How To #7 Here

2. Shirt Bounce

Toss Yo Ring (to yourself or another player) in the air above the head, as the ring descends, hold the bottom of your shirt with both hands and extend it outward creating a tight trampoline effect. Bounce the Yo Ring off your shirt then catch with index finger through the hole.

See How To #4 Here

3. Wall Bounce

Throw the Yo Ring against the wall high enough to bounce and drop down to the receiver’s index finger. The key is minimal rotation on the ring so it bounces straight out to the receiver.

See How To #6 Here

4. Side Arm

Hold the ring in a similar fashion as the beginner toss. Throw Yo Ring from a sidearm motion. This will allow the Yo Ring to travel a good distance through the air.  The key is for the hole in the Yo Ring to be easily seen for a successful catch.

See How To #5 Here

5. Shoe Kick

Toss or lay the Yo Ring on the top of your shoe. Kick the Yo Ring up and catch around your index finger. 

See How To #8 Here

6. Roll-Kick

Roll Yo Ring across the ground to another player. The other player will allow the Yo Ring to roll up their shoe then kick the ring up into the air and catch it around the index finger. Toss or lay the Yo Ring on the top of your shoe. Kick the Yo Ring up and catch around your index finger.

See How To #9 Here

7. Bicep Flip

Put Yo Ring on your bicep. Straighten arm to pop Yo Ring up into the air, and catch with your index finger

8. Chicken Wing

Set the ring on flat, bent it looks like a chicken wing. Lift quickly and catch with opposite hand

9. Wide Receiver

Catch Yo Ring thrown by another player while running.

10. Double Threat

Left & Right finger catch (throw 2 Yo Rings and catch with the right and left index finger)

11. Double Double

Have a player throw Yo Rings one after the other. Catch with hands together and both index fingers extended. Catch two Yo Rings consecutively

12. Pinky Ring

Catch with extended pinky finger

13. Selfie Catch

Throw up in the air and catch by yourself while taking pic

14. Tumble Flip

Throw into the air so it flips while dropping. Try to time it just right when to insert index finger

15. All Five

Catch on all 5 fingers

16. The Drop

Toss from an elevated location

17. Cool Pool

Catch while jumping off the diving board

18. Combination Shot

Shoe kick to shirt bounce to pinky ring

19. Throw Over Objects

Tree, house, swing set, pavilion, etc.

20. Destination Shots

Sand Dunes, Beach, Moon

There is no limit to the fun!

Share your latest Yo Ring games and tricks!



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