Tired of the same old boring FUNDraiser, so are the people you want to sell too. Get the newest, hottest, coolest toy that will be played with for hours and hours.

45% of purchase goes to Organization

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Frequently asked questions

1. Participants: How does the Yo Ring fundraiser work?

Yo Ring Fundraisers are a “pre-sale” Fundraiser. This means you, as a participant, will: pre-sale Yo Ring(s), collect the money, pick up your orders from your Group Leader on the pre-determined delivery date and deliver your orders to those who purchased from you.

2. Participants: Who do people make checks / venmo / transfers out to when ordering Yo Ring(s) from your fundraiser?

Have your supporters pay your Group directly. Your Group is the (Team, Club, School, etc.) hosting the fundraiser you are participating in. This is decided before the fundraiser begins (contact your Group Leader for more information). No checks for fundraisers are to be written out to the Yo Ring company.

3. Participants: When do I pick up my Yo Ring orders?

On the pre-determined delivery date for your Group’s Fundraiser, you will pick up all of your orders from your fundraiser Group Leader. It is very important that you are at the pick-up to receive your Yo Ring orders as they cannot be stored for you. You must make sure your Yo Ring(s) are checked off with your Group Leader before leaving to deliver to your supporters that purchased from you.

4. Participants: How do I make sure I receive the correct amount of Yo Ring(s)?

Print a copy of all your orders before turning your order form. Your Group Leader will have a master list of all orders. On the day of pick up match your list of orders with your Group Leader. Before leaving pick up to deliver your Yo Ring orders, PLEASE double count the number of Yo Ring(s) you have.

By following these guidelines, you help to ensure a successful fundraising experience for everyone. We wish you all the best! Tell your friends and family about your experience with Yo Ring!