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1. Basic Toss : Beginner

Toss Yo Ring like a frisbee in an upward motion using the index finger to stabilize the toss. Throw above the receiver's head and finger, allowing the hole in the ring to be seen as it descends towards the index finger.

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2. Basic Catch : Beginner

Extend index finger while looking for the hole in the ring. Move your finger to catch Yo Ring through the hole.

Basic Toss.png
3. Ring it up Circle

3. Ring it up Circle : Beginner

Stand in a circle with a group, toss the Yo Ring to any person if they complete the catch or RING IT UP they stay in the game. If they fail to complete catch they are out until the next game.

Circle Game.png
4. Shirt Bounce

4. Shirt Bounce - Intermediate

Toss Yo Ring (to yourself or another player) in the air above the head, as the ring descends, hold the bottom of your shirt with both hands and extend it outward creating a tight trampoline effect. Bounce the Yo Ring off your shirt then catch with index finger through the hole.

Shirt Bounce.png
5. Side Arm Throw

5. Side Arm Distance Throw - Intermediate

Hold the ring in a similar fashion as the beginner toss. Throw Yo Ring from a sidearm motion. This will allow the Yo Ring to travel a good distance through the air.  The key is for the hole in the Yo Ring to be easily seen for a successful catch.

Distance Throw.png
6. Wall Bounce

6. Wall Bounce: Intermediate

Throw the Yo Ring against the wall high enough to bounce and drop down to the receiver’s index finger. The key is minimal rotation on the ring so it bounces straight out to the receiver.

Wall Bounce.png
7. The Bounce

7. The Bounce : Intermediate

With palm up, hold Yo Ring between thumb and index finger, make a muscle and extend arm down, forcing the Yo Ring to roll off your finger and bounce on the ground. As the Yo Ring bounces up, extend your index finger through the hole to complete the catch.

The Bounce.png
8. Shoe Kick

Toss or lay the Yo Ring on the top of your shoe. Kick the Yo Ring up and catch around your index finger.

8. Shoe Kick: Advanced

Shoe Kick.png
9. Roll-Kick

9. The Roll Kick: Advanced

Roll Yo Ring across the ground to another player. The other player will allow the Yo Ring to roll up their shoe then kick the ring up into the air and catch it around the index finger. Toss or lay the Yo Ring on the top of your shoe. Kick the Yo Ring up and catch around your index finger.

Roll Kick.png


“It's the thrill of the game, it's just so fun!”


McKay E

"Yo Ring is my favorite thing to do! I take it with me everywhere!"


Shane R

"I brought the Yo Ring with me to my parents and all my nieces & nephews loved it! Sweet gift for birthdays this year!"

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